BGMI Auto Headshot Config File (100% Safe)

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has become one of the most popular battle royale games in India. Because the graphics look so realistic and the gameplay is so intense, it’s no surprise that players are looking for ways to defeat their opponents. People who play games sometimes use auto headshot config files to help them do better.

What is Bgmi Auto Headshot Config File?

Auto headshot config files are files that can be used to modify some of the game settings in BGMI. These files are designed to provide features like aimbot and no recoil, which can make it much easier to get headshots and control spray recoil.

Some of the settings that can be changed with these config files include:

  1. Aim Assist – Makes your crosshair stick to enemy players, reducing the need for precise aiming.
  2. No Recoil – Removes or greatly reduces weapon recoil, making it easier to land consecutive shots.
  3. Auto Headshot – Automatically aims for the head when firing at enemies.
Bgmi Auto Headshot Config File (100% Safe)

BGMi Auto Headshot Config File Features

  1. ✅50 to 60 FPS
  2. ✅Lag Fix 100%
  3. ✅Auto Headshot 70% Up
  4. ✅No Scope HeadShot 50%
  5. ✅Bullet Registration 100%
  6. ✅Aim Assist 50%
  7. ✅Bullet Aim 100%
  8. ✅Smoth + Extreme Graphics
  9. ✅TDM + Classic
  10. ✅Pubg All Versions Support
  11. ✅32 + 64 All Devices
  12. ✅ Low-End Device Config
  13. ✅Classic and tdm and room

BGMi Auto Headshot Config File

Config NameAuto Headshot Config
 Latest Version10 MB
 CategoryConfig file
 Size10 mb
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How to Get And Use BGMi Auto Headshot Config File?

To Get and use the BGMi Auto Headshot Config File, follow these steps:

  1.  First of All, Get the Aimbot Auto Headshot config File From the Google
  2. Now Extract The File Using the Zarchiver App
  3. After That Copy Files Folder and Paste it into the Below path
  4. Android/data/com.pubg.imobile/files
  5. All Done, You have successfully applied Config File in BGMI
  6. Restart your device and launch BGMI.

Important Steps To Do Before Using Config File

  1. Don’t play BGMi when your battery is below 20%.
  2. Close recent apps before playing the game.
  3. Always have free space on your device for optimal performance.
  4. Don’t play BGMi when your device is overheated.
  5. Adjust your graphic settings according to your device’s compatibility.


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